Alita International is one of the leading technology development industries worldwide and producer of high-performance plants and components for edible oil industry, oleo chemical sector, agro processing sector, herbal compound extraction sector, essential oil extraction sector and custom made engineering for our clients. To unleash the power of agro processing, refining, oleo chemical and value added product processes we continuously upgrade and imbibe technologies for competitive environment. We have three major divisions for which we develop processes and supply plants and technology worldwide as:
  1. Agro Processing Engineering Division
    • Edible Oil Engineering Sector
    • Oleo Chemical Engineering Sector
    • Speciality Fatty Acid Engineering Sector
    • Dairy Engineering Sector
  2. Food Testing and Analysis Division
    • Edible Oils and Fats Analysis
    • Edible Foods and Food Products Analysis
    • Fatty Acids and Speciality Chemical Analysis
    • Herbal and Biological Compound Analysis
    • Product Efficacy Analysis
  3. Consulting and Process Designing
    • Consultancy in Edible Oil Refining and Process
    • Lecithin Plants Designing and Process
    • Product development and process modifications

In edible oil sector we cover all edible oils processed worldwide, we have most modern technologies with low production cost edge. We have replaced most of the conventional technologies used since ages in the milling and refining of edible oils in India and abroad. We are one the leading technology development organizations of the world with many patents in various technologies. We are the only organization for development and supply of pilot plants in edible oil and oleo chemical sector for custom based technologies. We tailor-made most of technologies suited for particular continent and site.

In oleo chemical and Speciality Fats sector we are focused on fatty acids and their derivatives. Production of glycerides from fatty acids, based on specific needs. Amides of various fatty acids. Fat splitting, both high pressure and enzymatic. We are specialized in enzymatic fat splitting considering the specificity of certain enzymes.

In dairy engineering division, we conceptualize, design and develop most sophisticated plants like automatic cattle feed plants, feed additive plants, and custom made plants for harnessing the best potential of locally available resources for feed formula development.

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