ALITA INTERNATIONAL’s manufacturing venture is an idea conceived for the design and development of Analytical Technology in India and bringing the most modern Analytical Technology developments in the day to day applications among a wide range of industries and institutes across the globe. With an aim to integrate the analytical, R&D and process equipment with the modern-day information technology, Alita International believes to ease out the bulk of the analysis and processes in the industry and institutes. ALITA INTERNATIONAL an Indian based precision and high-quality equipment manufacturer has wide array of expertise in the field of designing and manufacturing the analysis, R&D and process equipment for wide range of industries like, Oils & Fats, Food industry, Petroleum, Medicine, Microbiology, Water treatment etc. The promoter of the organization, Dr. Sanjay Tickoo is the think tank brain behind the technology developments and precision designs, as his credentials carries doctorate in “Applied Science”. We maintain the highest industry quality standards for manufacturing the equipment’s as per the guidelines of ISO-Calibrations, GMP, IQ, OQ and PQ. We are integrating the modern-day technologies with our 18 years of expertise in the field of equipment designing. As a part of designing and manufacturing practice, we test all the newly designed and developed equipment in our State-of-Art Laboratory for robust testing and data capturing before allowing the equipment for commercial release.


VYENUS brand is owned by Alita International in the wide range of analytical and process equipment’s, it represents the clarity and brightness in the field of analysis. It depicts highest transparency and repeatability in the analysis with less degree of errors.

Edible Oil Processing Equipment: In edible oil processing equipment, we design and manufacture process and support equipment for entire edible oil processing sector with most modern designs and also customize the equipment for individual customers need. Our specialities are into the following processes:
1. High Pressure Neutralization
2. Micro-filtration with most modern high pressure and low-pressure technologies.
3. Suction filtration technology for Sparkling Filtration processes.
4. Enzymatic Degumming with Quadra Jet Reactors
5. De-foaming of Mustard oil (Kachhi Ghani) without impairing its pungency.
6. Colour corrections (Pigment removal) through surface adsorption process.
7. Integrated Process and equipment for High Pungency Development with minimal use of Kolhu.
8. FFA correction while seed processing.
9. De-odorization with customizable flow, colour correction and FFA reduction.
10. And many more……

Analytical Testing Equipment : We at Alita International has most modern workshop for manufacturing of all Analytical Equipment for Laboratory Applications. We use most modern spares like PID’s, Controllers, Sensors, Programmers, Switches and Indicators etc for manufacturing of our equipment. We manufacture almost all Laboratory Equipment as follows:

1. Heating:
a. Hot air oven
b. Muffle Furnace
c. Vacuum Dryer
d. Vacuum Oven
e. Try Dryer
f. Moisture balance
g. Hot Plates
h. Magnetic Stirrers with hot Plate
i. Mantle Heater
j. Hot air blowers
k. Glass heating plates and many more…..

2. Cooling:
a. Growth chambers
b. Freeze dryers
c. Cold brine coolers
d. BTT baths
e. Ice baths
f. Programmed cooling chambers
g. Peltier Cooler melting point apparatus
h. Cooled centrifuges
i. Deep freezers and many more….

3. Stability:
a. Stability Chambers
b. Environmental Chambers
c. Cloud Point Chambers
d. Oil and Fats Cloud detection cabinet
e. BOD Incubators
f. Lab. Incubators and many more…..

4. Analytical:
a. pH meters
b. TDS meters
c. Refracto meters
d. VOC Analysers
e. Digital burettes
f. Digital Pipettes
g. Bomb Calorimeter
h. Viscometer and many more……

5. Photometry:
a. A wide range Spectrophotometers ranging from analogue single beam to double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometers…….

6. Colorimetry:
a. Digital colorimeter
b. Colour comparators
c. Universal Tint meters for wide range of applications in all fields of analysis……

7. Chromatography:
a. Gas Chromatography
b. Paper Chromatography
c. Column Chromatography
d. High performance Liquid Chromatography and many more…

8. Microbiology:
a. Laminar Flow Cabinet
b. Auto Claves
c. Incubators
d. Microscopes
e. Sterilisers

9. Extractions:
a. Soxhlet heaters
b. Mantle Heaters
c. Cabinet closed heaters
d. Hood Heaters

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