Research and Development (R&D):
Oil and Food Division
Alita International has strong R&D backup with quality equipment and human resource.

We have the state of the art laboratory for edible oil and oleo-chemical sector. Our laboratory is totally dedicated for our clients and not available for general industry. However, we undertake research projects from industry particularly from edible oil processing units and edible oil refineries. Our laboratory supports various R&D based platform as follows:

1. Analysis of PFA and Agmark parameters of edible oils
2. Detection of adulterants in edible oil
3. Special analysis of oleo-chemicals viz. splitting percentage, IV of hydrogenated fatty acids etc.
4. Enzymatic degumming portfolio
5. Enzymatic specific fat splitting portfolio
6. Phenolic compound reduction
7. Re-processing of damaged batch
8. And many more............

Biological and Chemical Compound Division
Our continuous efforts in strengthening the R&D division are creating new dimensions to our R&D section, with these efforts we are able to analyse and screen the Biological and Chemical Compounds for their efficacy and efficiency through a series of tests through sophisticated equipments and by intensive expertise of the founder. We are in first phase of analysing these compounds for:

1. Purity of biological compounds
2. Efficacy of certain formulations or individual compounds
3. Evaluation of chemical and biological formulations
4. Screening tests of compounds for their respective applications
5. Identification and analysis of compounds
6. Laboratory trials

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