In edible oil sector we provide end to end solutions for fabrication, erection and commissioning of plants of variable capacities. We take turkey projects with latest technology support from our collaborative technology suppliers and also from our core technology team. Our major work area in edible oil sectors includes development, supply and installation of:
  • Edible Oil Refinery
  • De-waxing Technology
  • Fractionation Processes of Palm Oil
  • Lecithin Plants
  • Edible Oil Seed Processing
  • Refinery by product and co-product value addition processes worldwide
  • Bio-Diesel Plants
  • Interesterification processes
  • Cold Acetone Plants for removal of oil from Ricebran oil wax
  • Enzymatic oil modifications for edible use
  • Enzymatic Vanaspati Manufacturing without Hydrogenation

In oleo chemical sector we provide niche and specific plants and technology. Taking a leap ahead in edible oil sector, oleo chemical sector adds value to its precursor. We provide technology, plants, pilot plants etc. with specific focus on:
  • Fatty acids processes
  • Enzymatic degumming
  • Enzymatic Oil Modification Reactors
  • Fat splitting plants
  • Enzymatic specific fatty acid splitting
  • Biodiesel & Methyl esters processes
  • Hydrogenation of fatty acids

The dairy engineering sector of our organization is one of the leading sectors for technology development, new technology imbibitions, incorporation of world class instrument for efficient product mix and development, enzymatic product development is one the best technologies used so for by our organization.
  • Cattle Feed plants
  • Feed additive plants
  • PLC based feed formula development
  • Enzymatic feed treatment plants both manual and PLC based
  • Custom made plants for specific needs

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