Alita International strictly follows internatinatyinal standard for testing & analysis with world class infrastructure & upto the mark calibrated glass ware and refrence materials. we conduct the following testing analysis at economical cost.

Bakery Fats, Margarine & Vegetable Butter
Vegetable Oils & Fats
Oil from oil seeds
Edible Oils & fats products
Essential Oil & Oleoresins
Spices & Condiments
Oleo chemicals, Soap & Detergents
Lubricants & Heat Transfer Fluids
Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP/WWTP)
Coal & Solid Fuel
Packaging Material & its Products
*NABL Accredited test Scope


Our continuous efforts in strengthening the analytical division are creating new dimensions to our product testing portfolio, with these efforts we are able to analyse and screen the Biological and Chemical Compounds for their efficacy and efficiency via series of tests through sophisticated equipments and by intensive expertise of our team. We undertakethe following test and compounds for their efficacy and applicablity ananlysis .

Purity of biological compounds
Efficacy of certain formulations or individual compounds
Evaluation of chemical and biological formulations
Screening tests of compounds for their respective applications
Identification and analysis of compounds
Laboratory trials


Research and development (R&D) is Where science meets innovation and inspiration gets introduced to perspiration. Using our collaborative approach, we work with our growth partners to incorporate new perspectives from global industries and new technologies to increase the velocity with which new products are created, developed and tested.

Our R&D support includes:-
Niche Research Associate
Developmental Team
Design and Scale-Up Pilot Plant Work
Project Support and commissioning
Product and active compound Investigations
Chemistry analytical Support
Microbiology Support