Message from C.E.O

Alita International has taken an endeavor to emerge as one of the leading Project Engineering Company and R&D laboratory in the field of Oils, fats and Oleochemicals. Our core priorities are providing quality, safe and hygienic food to the society by merging our core competence and extensive experience with the technical needs of the global food manufacturing industry along with taking utmost care to occupational health and environment safety. Our core values believe in the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction. (Dr. Sanjay Tickoo, C.E.O.).

Message from Vice President

Welcome to Alita International! We are driven by the desire to provide quality and safe food to our country through quality analysis. Everything we do, lead us towards one outcome: "A bond that remains for a life time”. We take by heart the words and mission of our visionary founder, who fore saw Alita International as a natural partner to address the well being of the community. Our Success depends upon the constant commitment for Experiments & Innovations, which recognize that generating ideas that enrich understanding, enhance human life. (Kamini Dhir, Vice President).

Message from Quality Manager

wish to emphasize on importance of quality assurance. Quality assurance encompasses the processes and procedures that systematically monitor different aspects of a service or facility. Through audits and other forms of assessment, quality assurance efforts detect and correct problems or variances that fall outside established standards or requirements. In other words, quality assurance ensures a high level of quality during the development of products, testing, analysis or services (Anil Lahot, Q.M).

Message from Technical Manager

I would like emphasize on importance of analytical testing in edible oil and food industry. Every part of production and each end result must be made with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. Such testing can provide edible oil and food industries in general the security of knowing that their products are continuously monitored for precision, correct composition, safety and compliance. The accurate quantitation of analysis in the final results is of utmost importance as a part of our responsibility being an NABL accredited Laboratory (Prashant Choudhary, T.M.).