Our mission is to provide safe, healthy and hygienic food to the public by incorporating innovative technologies in the field of testing, analysis and research & development for global food manufacturers, vis-a-vis enhancing the analytical and R&D capabilities of our employees through continuous training and skill development programs.

To focus on the needs of global food industry with regards to testing, quality assurance and R&D on continuous basis, and accordingly identify the gaps for efficient technical solution.

To work with global food industry by providing them quality analysis services to support them for providing safe food to the public at large.
To offer the most technologically advanced portfolio of services in the industry to continually enhance the level of client satisfaction.
To be a global leader in the field of quality analysis and research & development.


What is our stance and what is imperative for us?

-> Delivering excellence in all our work; providing accurate results on time
-> Using the best appropriate protocols, technology and methods
-> Seeking to improve or upgrade our methods and protocols to perform better

-> Delivering customer satisfaction by providing quality and on-time results to meet their expectations
-> By using innovative technology and processes
-> By providing value added product processes and technologies

-> We value and respect our customers and staff
-> Operating responsible occupational health and environmental policies

-> High productivity and engagement levels
-> Investing in training and creating dedicated and enthusiastic workforce
-> Recognizing and praising the backbone of organization